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Miscellaneous Art

We are pleased to offer a selection of Contemporary Art.

Philippine Warrior Arm Band

SKU #1024950

This wonderful example of tribal art is from the private collection of Mr. Caesar Villanueva in the Philippines. He has been collecting all his life.

The arm band is made of boar tusk, wood and raffia. The four boar teeth are bound together with raffia and the wood figure sits on top of the teeth. Please note that one tooth has been chipped and repaired, but the repair was done before I purchased the item. At this time I do not have information on the Philippines or it's art work, so I can not give you very much information on this item. I do know it is from the mountain region on the Northern Philippines. The age of this arm band is pre-1900's and is a nice piece for any collection.

Size is 6 1/2" high by 5 1/2" wide and 6" deep.

Price: $1,800

Kalinga Warrior's Ornament - Philippines

SKU #1024944

This beautiful adornment is from the private collection of Mr. Caesar Villanueva, Philippines. Mr. Villanueva is a major collector of art from the Philippines and has been collecting all his life. The Gold Lip Mother of Pearl shell is incised with the the most intricate design. The coconut shell medallion has a cut out design around the edge, looks like cog's on a wheel. The cotton cord on the back, looks as it has been replaces at one time. 

This was worn by an Igorot male. It shows that the wearer has taken a lead in battle and this shell represents his availability for marriage as an adult. Age of this piece is pre-1900's. If you have the book Spirals From the Sea, An Anthropological Look at Shells, you will find a similar shell on the front cover. The Kalinga shell is from the Northern Mountain Region of the Philippines, LaZone area.

The shell is 8"  by 8 1/2" wide and on the stand is 12" total height.

Price: $3,500


SKU# 0230009

This most unusual hand forged copper mask is from the Nepal.

The patina is deep and solid and the square holes along the edges will date this mask to at least the middle of the 19th century. I have never seen a mask like this before and find it most remarkable.

Originally two were offered, but we only acquired one at the time. Although resembling one, I was told that this is not a death mask.

The reverse side of the mask has the most amazing look, with the face coming to life.

This is a very dramatic piece of art and can be either wall mounted or on a table stand. Please specify preference when ordering. 


10" high x 7 3/4" wide x 4" deep. 

Price: $3,000

Ragistan Indian Horses
SKU #MA12009

This pair of beautiful cast bronze horses are from Ragistan, India. The are from early 20th century and weigh just over 10 lbs as a pair.

One horse is slightly smaller than the other and the design and decorations vary slightly.

They stand beautiful as a pair.


7 3/4" High x 9 1/2 Long x 4" Deep

Price: Sold

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