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African - Wooden Figures

We are pleased to offer a selection of African Wood Works.

Bakonga Figure Congo


This find detail male figure is squatting and holding a turtle in each hand.  He has a beard, glass eyes, young goat hair surrounding his waist and cotton fiber.  The necklace is iron tubing with hand made beads that are wire wrapped like beads.  The fine execution of detail is really exceptional for such a small item.  The toes on the right foot are broken off but this does not detract from the figure.


7" tall

2 1/2" wide

2 1/2" deep. 

Standing on it's own custom base This is a good example of a personal fetish.

Price: $800 

Chamba Guardian Figures
SKU# 04200008
This pair of Chamba guardian figures are from the Benue River in Eastern Nigeria.
You are looking at a fabulous pair Chamba guardian of figures. The father and son are each carved out of a single piece of wood. The bowl on top of the heads are each covered with libations and an oily substance. They were buried in the ground, and placed on each side of an entrance. You can see where they were buried by the visual line on the exposed and buried portion on each figure. There is bluing color on each face and traces on each body as well as Kalon clay.
Because these figures have been buried, there is some slight termite damage to the back of each figure. This has not hurt the structure or solid stability of the figures and has added to their character. Both of there figures were carved by the same person as you can see by the faces.
Each figure has it's own base for stability and does not detract form the visual appearance. As far as age, I would put these figures close to turn of the century.
This is the first time I have personally come across figures like these, as well as other dealers I know and have asked. This would make an important addition to your collection.
Father: 36" tall x 8" wide x 7" deep
Son: 28" tall x 9" wide x 6 1/2" deep
Any questions or if you would like more photo's please feel free to contact me.
Price: $30,000

Zoomorphic African Figure

SKU #995768

A great carving from Africa. This is a typical combination of blending two worlds into one. The face has simple carvings around the face and down the nose. Slit eyes give it a haunting look. Used, but not too old. I have not come across too many of these and loved the look of the figure. Standing on the custom base of 7" by 4" makes this a stable standing figure. Dated pre-1980's.

Stands 14" high and 6" wide and 4" deep

Price: $850

Tanzania figure

SKU #1017507A

Presenting a nice wood figure from Tanzania. This hand carved figure has glass beads in the eye sockets which give it a realistic look. The figure is tightly bound with a cotton fabric that is covered with lots of libations. There is not any smoke or smell of any kind on this piece that sometimes happens with fabric. Estimated to be middle 1960's. A nice figure to start or add to any collection.

Standing 12" high and 3"by 3" wide. On a 3 1/2" by 2 1/2" base

Price: $1,200

Gabon Female Teke Figure

SKU #0910008B

Presenting one of my favorite small figures. This female Teke figure is a beautiful fine example of the carvers art. Seated figures are "rare among the corpus of the Teke statues" ref: "The Tribal Arts of Africa".

The navel bundle (bilongol) is intact as well as the necklaces. The blue beads around her neck have hand-made iron tubing strung within the necklace. The scarification tattoos and carving on the hat are of the finest detail. The eye are intact and made of a brass looking material. With years of use, the patina is smooth and has very glowing shine. I love this figure and found a representation from the same carver in "The Tribal Arts of Africa" by Jean-Baptiste Bacqaurt page 135. Dated pre-1940's. An extremely rare item and wonderful for any collection.

Stands 7 3/4" high x 2" wide and 2 1/4" deep.

Price: $4,000

Yaka Zaire African Standing Male

SKU #0910008F

You are looking at a Yaka male figure that has had years of use. Many years ago there was damage to the right side of his face as well as his right arm. You can see where these parts are missing. Because this happened years ago the patina is the same all over the figure. The face has scarification tattoo's and there is a bundle on the left arm. This bundle is newer as well as the wood carving around his waist. The center bilongo has a vibrant orange coloring and only adds to the attraction of this carving.

One exceptional feature on this piece is the tree branch coming from his head, The carver has made it look like part of his hair style. He has good patina from years of handling. Dated pre-1940. This male figure has his own custom display stand to make it stable.


Stands 10" tall 3 1/4" wide and 4" deep

Price: $550

Punu Gabon Male Figure

SKU #0910008E

A beautiful standing male figure that has had many years of life. The patina and oils are beautiful, showing years of handling. He has scarification tattoos on his lower chest and very tiny red beads around his neck. The second necklace is of hand forged iron beads (three long and several small). With his hands resting on his lower belly, this figure has a good smooth feel to it and is in wonderful condition. There are traces of Kalon clay on the face that have been worn off over the years. Dated pre-1940.

He is standing on it's own custom display stand. This is a wonderful piece of African art that should be in your collection.

Standing 9 1/2"tall 2 1/2" wide and 2" deep 

Price: $595

Teke Gabon Male Figure, Zaire

SKU #0910008C

This male standing figure has the feel and luster from many years of handling. He has a brass tack in his navel, old glass beads around his neck and a cotton fiber around his waist with a goat horn tip hanging down the back. His face has very distinct vertical scarification tattoos and his hands are cupped to his chest. The left leg has been broken at the femur and been repaired, this does not detract from the overall beauty of this male figure. As far as age I believe this to be from the 1950 to 1960's.

Mounted on it's own custom display stand that is 2" x 1 7/8" 

Standing 8" high 2" wide and 2 1/2" deep


Price: $395

Mahorgwe Reliquary Figure, Kota People, Gabon

SKU #0112502

A Reliquary or funeral figure representing an important deceased person. The house that this came from was constructed in the 1960's and demolished in early 2000; so this is the only age region I can offer for this item. A single piece of wood carved and the face is covered with copper wire. There is extensive heavy cotton string wrapped around the body then covered with clay and libations. The figure is mounted on a simple metal base for stability. This is a very traditional looking Reliquary figure.

It stands 32" High by 11" Wide by 5 1/2 deep. The metal base is  5"x5"

Price: $750

Biiga, Moosi dolls - Burkina Faso, West Africa

SKU #1130008

These three dolls are a perfect example of some wonderful items that have come out of the Burkina Faso area over the last few months.  The three dolls shown vary in size and age.

# 113008A. The doll on the far right is from the 1970's. There is a natural fiber rope that is attached to the piece for hanging and it stands 6 1/2" tall and is on a 4 " base. 

# 113008B. The middle doll is from the 1970's as well and has red glass beads around it's neck; as well as around it's waist. It and stands 5 1/2" tall and is 2 3/4" wide at the base. 

# 113008C. The final doll on the far left is from the 1960's and stands 4 7/8" high and is on a 2 1/2" base.

They all have a nice patina and nice ware patterns on their surfaces. These dolls have a nice feel to them and they would be an nice addition to any collection.

Price: $235 Each

Price: $600 for all 3 

Medicine Man with Patient - Baule, Ivory Coast

SKU #0865007

This incredible story piece represents a sick person going to the Medicine man for healing (medical, physical or mental). The goat is brought by the ill person for payment for the services of the healer. When purchasing this item from one of my runners I asked why this is being sold from the village and I was told that they (the village) needed money for food and that they had another story piece similar to this. When an item of this nature is sold it must be agreed upon by the entire village before it can be removed and or sold. I feel most fortunate that I was able to acquire this exceptionally visual piece of history. The Story piece comes from the village of Bouaso, which is approximately 30 miles north of Bouako, Baule, Ivory Coast Africa. As far as age, by the information from the older village people and the age and weathering, I would put this article in the 1930's to 1940's. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Size is 18 1/2" wide by 14 3/4" high by 6 1/2" deep.

Price: 9,500

Dogon Equestrian Figure - Mali

SKU #0870001

This very old horse and rider is one of the finest and oldest I have ever handled. This fine sculpture represents the sign of privilege and power. The workmanship is very detailed and the age of this piece I believe is over two hundred years old (from the 1700's). Over the years I have not seen one as fine or weather worn. This quality is getting harder and harder to find.  It is well weathered and because of the age the reigns have split apart, but this does not detract from the quality or aesthetic look at all. On the left backside of his figure a clay substance is embedded into the wood. It is typical to find this Kaolin (clay) on African mask and sculptures.

Size is 24" high by 20" wide and 6" deep.

Price: $18,000

Omolangid Doll, Yoruba- Nigeria

SKU #122507A

This Omolangid (child of wood) is a child's play doll. It is carried on the back like a living child and the flat construction makes it easier for the little girl to carry. The Yoruba people of Nigeria are the only people that have a doll constructed like this. It shows off its well worn age and characteristics. This piece has nice age, I would put it to be from the 1970's. I bought a collection for this one doll and have not been able to find another like it. It is on it's own display stand.

Standing 8 1/2" (9" on stand) high 6" wide and 1 1/2" deep

Price: $250

Kifwebe Doll, Songye Tribe - Congo

SKU #08250007

This dance doll body is carved wood covered with twilled and knotted vegetable fiber, hair on leather, Kaolin (clay) and feathers. The feet are also cover with the hair on leather. This doll is carried during the society dance by the lead dancer. The Songye doll belonged to the collection of Mr. Domba Sow. I believe the age to be around the 1950's. This doll is not easy to find and a great piece.

It is 18"high by 8 3/4"wide and 5"deep.

Price: $5,000

Baule Ivory Coast Mbutumbo Figure

SKU #949944

An incredible Baule grouping of the Ape God Mbutumbo or Gbekre, and a young male. When I purchased this piece I was told that this is used for teaching how Mbotumbo tries to keep a young male from getting involved with or mixing with the wrong kind of people. To keep him going in the right direction with his life, or to protect the male from getting into trouble. Used as a prop for story telling, this is an incredible piece.

The carving of the Mbotumbo or monkey god is very precise. The entire body is covered with pock marks or concave carvings as well as libations. There was at one time a yellow covering on the body but has been worn off over time. The tail of the monkey has cracked from age, but does not distract or harm this piece.

The young male figure is holding a spear, wearing a indigo color cotton loin cloth and has scarification tattoos around his neck, face and back. This piece is from the village of Yamscorro, Baule tribe Ivory Coast Africa This incredible piece is from the 1930's. This is not an item that you will come across often and you will be thrilled by the feeling this carving invokes.

Standing 10 1/2" high 8 1/2" wide and 5" deep.

Price: Sold

Fanta Tribe, Gabon Female

SKU #05120005

This female figure is one of the finest and most exquisite pieces I have ever acquired.  This came from a private collection in California. Purchased in Accra, Ghana Africa in the 1920's.  She stands 16 1/2" high. 4" wide and 3 1/2" deep. Beautifully carved figure with scarification tattoo on the cheeks and beautifully carved neck rings. The figure is adorned with fine glass beads dating from the late to middle 1800's. The right ankle is adorned with 1 mm size beads. The smallest we have ever come across.  No cracks, broken parts, or repairs make this Fanta figure exceptional.

Price: Sold

Gabon Male Punu Figure

SKU #0910008E

A beautiful standing male figure that has had many years of life. The patina and oils are beautiful, showing years of handling. He has scarification tattoos on his lower chest and very tiny red beads around his neck. There is also a necklace of hand forged iron beads, three long and several small, around his neck. With his hands resting on his lower belly, this figure has a good smooth feel to it and is in wonderful condition. There are traces of Kalon clay on the face that have been worn off over the years. He is standing on it's own custom display stand. This is a wonderful piece of African art that should be in your collection.

Standing 9 1/2"tall 2 1/2" wide and 2" deep

Price: Sold

Hemba Mother Figure with Child

SKU #0710098

Nicely carved. There are some libations. She has nice details such as jewlery, armband, a pot, and teeth.

Dimensions 9.5" H, 7.5" W, 6.5" Deep.

Price: Sold

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