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When I first started buying, collecting and selling Ethnographic art, I never went for the same items that everyone else was collecting. If an item has a great feel and style I usually bought it. This has been my buying style throughout my entire life.

When purchasing a piece of art I try to find out the history, dance, and/or use of the item from the seller. Sometimes when there is not any information available I ask everyone I trust in the industry "what is it and how is it used?". I will go with the majority of information. I question everything and research as much as possible about my collection. If I do not know something about an item, I am honest and will tell you so.

Dating is difficult and I have a tendency to under date the age. I can only go by my experience and those of others.

Most pieces of Ethnographic art are mounted on their custom display stand from our in-house stand maker. If you are wanting a piece wall mounted, just let us know as it can easily be customized (charges may apply).

Repair and restoration are also available.

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