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South Pacific - New Guinea

We are pleased to offer a selection of South Pacific Artwork.

Ancestry Figure

SKU #054000B

This ancestry figure is from Kaminabt, New Guinea.The free standing figure is very typical of the New Guinea art that one sees. It is a very nice figure carved from one piece of wood. Earth pigments and charcoal are used for decorating the face and Cowrie shells are used for the eyes. 
This figure was acquired in 2000 so it is considered new.  If desired, a display stand will come with this New Guinea figure upon purchase.
Standing 17 1/2" 6" wide and 2 1/2" deep

New Guinea Yam Mask
SKU #NG200009

Maprik area new guinea. This mask would have been used at the harvest festival and is made from wood and earth pigments.

Left ear is missing

We aquired this in the year of 2000 and do not expect it is much older than late 1990's. 

Please let us know if you want this mounted for the wall or a table stand.


Length 13 1/2" x 6 1/4" Wide x 3" Deep


Wassora Yam Mask

SKU #043000

This wicker Yam Mask is from the Wassora region of New Guinea. It represents an ancestor they call upon for a good harvest.  The harvest festival is when all the best yams are displayed with the mask attached to show off the produce. 

The hand woven mask is made of natural fibers and painted with earth pigments for decoration. 

It was acquired in 2000, so it is relatively new.


Standing 8" high 11 1/2" , 6 3/4" wide and 4" deep  mounted on a a 4x4" base.


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