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African - Misc. Artwork

We are pleased to offer a selection of assorted African art.

Kuba, Gabon-Zaire Wine Cup

SKU #0815008

This Kuba wind cup is very traditional in design and shape. With a female figure as the handle, the body of the cup is scored with the design of Kuba cloth. This cup is well executed and reflects the design and culture of the Kuba people. It does not need a base because it sits well by its self. As far as age, I would put it about 1970 to 1980's.

Sitting size 6 1/2" high by l 1/2" by 5".

Price: $500

Kuba Tribe Slit Drum

SKU # 0115003

Slit drum from the Kuba tribe, Zair Africa.

Middle 20th century or earlier.  This hand carved drum is typical for the region and is carved from one piece of wood.  Brass tacks on both sides show a nice design and a vegetable fiber string is attatched on one end. 

There is an old repair on one lip (the repair is of leather and then covered with patina). 

This piece is of a nice age and look.  It had a custom base attatched so it will sit sturdy.


32" Wide x 18" High x 3" Deep

Price: $ 950 USD

Divination Door - Fang Tribe, Gabon
SKU #MA22009

This visually striking door has all the hall marks of what an authentic divination door should look like.  it is carved from one piece of wood.

The outer edges are trimmed in bamboo attached with stripped bark to bind the pieces together. The fiber ropes used for hinges are fairly new and the two holes at the top of the door do have some age, but what their function was, I do not know. A wall mount will be made upon purchase.

The rainbow serpent over the divination figure with two divination bowls shows clearly. The zoomorphic animal and two small heads at the feet of the figure put the finishing touched on this incredibly hard to find item.   

Age, middle 1850's is a close estimate.  This door has been repaired by the users (native repair) over time.


Stands 48" High 24 3/4" Wide and 3" Deep 

Price: $12,000

Fang Reliquary Box

SKU #924223

I bought this Reliquary box in 1998 on one of my many excursions in buying African art. The box is made of tree bark bent into a cylinder. Stitched with natural fiber it is in excellent condition. The wooded carved figure on top of the lid is in excellent shape. The two wood carved figures on the side of the container are held on with a cotton fabric. The shell is also attached with fabric.

There is some slight damage to the lip of the lid, which will be repaired before shipping. There is one part of a foot missing on one of the side figures, but this was some time ago as the wood does not show new breakage. I would estimate the age to be from the 1960's to the 1970's. This is box is not an everyday item and not always easy to find. 

Standing 30" tall measuring 11" at the circumference and 14" with the figures on the outside of the container.

Price: $1,600

Turkana Container for Valuables

SKU #063508

This beautiful leather container has tribal designs around the cone shaped top and is made from goat's skin. This is a very traditional piece to hold money or valuables.

Dimensions with Lid:

6 1/1" High x 5" Diameter

Price: $125.00

Body Mask

SKU #0790006

This well detailed body mask is from the Yoruba tribe, Nigeria, Africa. It was used for making medicine and for difficult deliveries the bodice form is turned upside down with the interior facing up. The belly shape makes a great bowl and shows years of patina and use It is in incredible condition.

The scarification tattoos on this body mask are well defined and precise with red coloring showing through the patina on both sides of the belly. The animal going down between the breast shows traces of red and white. Most of the side holes on the bodice have been worn through, thus helping to age this magnificent piece. I would put it from the 1850"s to 1900's. It could be earlier but that I can not guarantee.


This body mask is ready to  be displayed on the wall with it's own custom wall mount.




30" high 14 3/4" wide and 10 1/2" deep

Price: $15,000

Blacksmith bellows from Fang, Africa

SKU # 0225002

This elegant piece was shown in a presentation for bellows from Africa recently.

The female figure used as bellows represents the life force that flows through the woman when she gives life - the fire. Carved from one piece of wood and two iron tubes represent feet. The feet are where the air meets the coals for the blacksmiths. The arms are used as the bellows to make the air pressure. Leather thongs and covering are where the arms of the body are formed. The eyes are of steel, which are typical of Fang pieces.


Standing 24" High

11 1/2" Wide

6" Deep

This bellow comes with her own custom display stand.

Price: $1,250

Nitwana Doll - South Africa

SKU #0710099

This Nitwana doll was collected in the summer of 1960. One of nine pieces brought back from Africa. When clearing customs, some were taken apart looking for drugs (long before sniffing dogs). So they ended in a sack for the next forty years. I bought them from the original purchaser. They have all been repaired and restored to their original condition. I have six of these left. Constructed with a straw interior it has glass beads, plastic beads, vegetable fiber, plant seeds, aluminum and a white metal chain. Nitwana dolls have not been made like this for a long time.

This doll is 13 3/4" high by 4' Deep.

Price: $1,500

Dogon Mali African Grain Door

SKU #MA32009

This fine old grain door has all the look and feel of African Art. The wooden door has split in two over time and been locally repaired. Two hand forged iron clips were attached to the door by the local blacksmith. The remaining part of the lock also has the forged iron attached. The traditional figures are carved with care and the overall look is peaceful. 

As far as age, it is hard to tell but I would put it in the 1950's to 1960's. It might be older, but again it is hard to tell age on items like this.


Standing 22" high 14" wide and 1 1/4" deep

This granary door comes with it's own custom made stand. 

Price: Sold

Ninjie Ceremonial Weaving Heddle


A wonderful ceremonial weaving heddle used for the weavers guild festivals. Carved from one piece of wood the male figure is covered with leather.  There are three coins, dating 1933, going down the center of the bodice. Glass beads are in each eye and cowrie shells on each wrist. 

The figure is standing on a simple carved base holding a bobbin with hand spun thread. On the base you can see where something was mounted at one time. This heddle has been attatched to a base because it will not stand on it's own. An unusal piece of tradition and art from Africa.


32" high

9" wide

3" deep

base is 4"x6"

Price: Sold

Botolo (hat) Edonda Tribe, Zaire

SKU #0970008

When I first started collecting African Art I bought every book I could find on the subject. I saw this hat in a catalog and have been looking for one ever since. I finally found one. This pagoda style hat is made of a very fine wicker woven into a six ring botolo (hat). It is worn by the Nkumu who is responsible for ceremonials, divination's and the spiritual welfare of the community. This hat represents the prestigious items of material culture. It is worn in public on all occasions and at ritual events. Often it is liberally smeared with a mixture of camwood and oil.

It still has it's chin strap. There is a slight rubbing on the first and second rim from the bottom, but this is hardly noticeable. A slight smell of smoke is present but that is to be expected. As far as age, my best guess is around 20 to 30 years old (pre-1980's). You may request a wall stand or table stand when you purchase this item, just let me know how high you want it to stand. This hard to find item is a great and very visual find.

Standing 13" high and 7 1/2" circumference

Price: Sold

Kenya Elephant-Hair Necklace

SKU #0120003

This women's necklace from Kenya is quite beautiful and well used. Oil and dirt are deeply embedded within the necklace from use. The base frame of the necklace is copper wire covered with red cotton cloth. The Elephant hair is bound by the wire and covered with cloth. Glass beads and seeds adorn the front. The sides are attached with the wire. A small rope or twine of natural vegetable fiber holds many components together.

Upon purchase please let us know if you want a wall mount or table stand for this Elephant Hair necklace.


12" wide 10" high and 5" deep

Price: Sold

Wooden Pipe

SKU #MA42009

This male figure wooden pipe is carved from a very, very light weight wood and the stems are from bamboo. It is very nicely carved and well used with lots of patina. The mouth piece is highly polished from years of use.

The age is unknown, but on a piece like this it does not matter.  It will stand by it's self but if you require a stand or base please let us know.


8 " high 3" wide and 4" deep.

Price: Sold

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