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African Clay or Terracotta


We are pleased to offer the following selection of Clay Works.

African Phallic Figure - Cameroon

SKU #061598

This clay figure is made of clay, natural cotton fiber, glass beads and seed pods. This is one piece of an entire collection I purchased. The previous collector was born in Africa and became a diplomat in Africa. This piece is from the 1920 to 1930's. There are two chips on the rim of the feet. These do not detract from the figure at all. Cameroon is the closest area that it can be identified to.


8 1/2" by 6" wide by a 1/2" deep on a custom stand.

Price: $1,600

Makande Tanzania Wedding Pot
SKU #0250008F

Makande, Tanzania Wedding Pot from the 1960's.

The pot is sound and sound conditioned. A dark stain can be seen on the pot and looks like some small white paint splatter. Excellent condition. There are not any chips or breaks.

Dimensions are 14.5" H 9.5" deep.

Price: $6,000

Clay Vessel

SKU #AT12009

This is from the private collection of Mohammad Idjo, the first president of Cameroon.  We had the opportunity to acquire all the small terracotta pieces when this collection came to the Untied States, however, the origin is unknown.
This vessel looks like lava rock, but it is made of clay.  The entire surface outside and inside the bowl has a light but intact patina covering it; showing years of use. There are slight scuff marks on one nose and ear on the left face.
There are traces of Mica in the clay and it has been fired at a higher temperature than most pottery pieces. Age for this piece is late 1900's and older.
9 1/2" high 9 1/2" wide and 7 1/2" deep.

Price: $700

Funeral Head - Ghana, Africa

SKU #AT22009

This funeral Memorial head is from the private collection of Mohamadou Idjo (the first president of Cameroon). This terracotta head has had one repair, the nose and lips which were added at a later date from the original firing. This head does not have any cracks or breaks and has a good overall patina. 
I have found photos of memorial fields with heads in some reference books, but the age is undetermined. Though, it is definitely old.
14"high 7" wide and 6 1/2" deep

Price: $12,500

Male Clay Figure - Kuba Tribe

SKU #MA12009S

This Male clay figure is from the Kuba tribe in Cameroon, Africa.

He has a white face and hands under his chin. This figure is sporting a typical Kuba raffia hat but made of clay. You can see there is a lot of patina and libations, and there are not any cracks, chips, or broken limbs. I would date him around the 1970's.


This wonderful figure stands 9" high 4 1/2" wide and 4" deep.  It is permanently mounted on a 5 1/2" by 3" metal base for your pleasure.

Price: $425

 Big Mouth Burial Bowl

SKU #MA92009

This burial bowl is from Asante, Ghana. I call this a big mouth bowl because of the wonderful shape of the face with a large open mouth. This nice modern look of terracotta was made for funerals. It would have been filed with offerings for the dead and buried. The coil construction is clean and has a good clean finish. This bowl is from  the early 20th century. 
6" high 5" wide and 6" deep

Price: $900

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